Handle Bar Recipes: Vegan Coconut Pancake Stack


It is without a doubt that the Handle Bar’s coconut pancake stack are the unrivalled champions of breakfast. We are forever being asked to share our secret recipe and because we love you, we thought we’d stick in on the Handle Blog so you can enjoy some HB breakfast goodness from the comfort of your own home.

Handle Bar owner, Celine, shares the recipe as well as the inspiration and back story:

Three and a half years ago, I decided to try being vegan. The experiment lasted for six months but was not completely in vain as it lead me to my ultimate favourite blogger, The Minimalist Baker, who’s vegan pancake recipe inspired our own.

When the Handle Bar was launched, I knew that it was important to offer vegan and vegetarian options and I was very aware that I had some studying to do because in France, where I was born and raised, the word vegan isn’t even a thing.

Like all carnivores, I didn’t think being vegan could be easy, fun, tasty and healthy. The Minimalist Baker, along with my very good friend Simone at Prana Yoga, who came to cook with us for a year to show us all we needed to know about veganism, taught me that it could be all of that and more,

Gluten free and vegan coconut pancakes

We love them with fresh berries, banana or bacon — for the non-vegan ;) — and lashings of maple syrup of course!



Makes 10

150g shredded coconut

16g coconut sugar

Pinch of salt

12.5g gf baking powder

200g gf flour (rice flour is great)

35ml maple syrup

415ml nut milk (almond or coconut)

50ml melted coconut oil

1 flax egg



Mix all dry ingredients, add all wet ingredients.

Mix thoroughly.

Et voilà!

Or if you want us to make them for you, breakfast is served Monday to Saturday from 8am and Weekends from 9am and brunch is every day from 12noon to 2.30pm and to 3pm on Weekends.