Friday Night at Le Bar with Cover3


This Friday, DJ collective Cover3, also known as Oli and Chris, will be returning to Le Bar to play their unique blend of house and disco for their regular night, ‘Cocktail Sessions’.

They met at the start of secondary school and have since become inseparable: living, working, studying (at Brookes) and DJing together. ‘We’re just friends I promise!’ says Oli. 

Chris has always loved music and has been playing in bands and performing all of his life. At age 14, he discovered electronic music and decided to try it for himself. ‘It was only after I bought my proper decks and moved in with Oli that I properly started going for it. He’s the driving force in motivating me to do stuff, aha!’

Oli has always been a music fanatic, with a bad habit of forcing people to listen to any good new song he’s discovered – DJing was, therefore, an obvious choice. ‘Moving in with Chris was perfect,’ says Oli ‘as he already had decks, which meant I could start practicing. Chris took me under his wing, trained me up until we got to a point where we decided to start Cover3. Chris likes to refer to me as his Mr Miyagi.'

‘Cocktail Sessions’ is a more relaxed vibe for the Cover3, in contrast to the intense tech-house nights in Oxford clubs (including the Cellar, Bridge, Emporium and an upcoming night at the Bullingdon) through their own events company, Rubix Events

Further afield, aside from DJing house parties in other cities, their favourite place they have played is Club Batchwood in St Albans — an incredible venue within a mansion. They have also managed to land a slot at Spring Break Amsterdam in 2019.

Cover 3 will be on from 7-11pm in Le Bar. Check out the Facebook page for more details. We hope to see you there!

Le BarSarah Halliday