Farm to table supper club at Handle Bar 39


We are so grateful to everyone who made the first ever farm to table supper club at Handle Bar 39 a great success! The night was a celebration of one of the happy cows raised on Ben and Katie’s farm, Turley Farm, in Wheatley.

We can never put beef on the HB menu because the sustainable grass fed, organic beef that we would want to buy is just too expensive. ‘This cow was so happy,’ said Celine. ‘I met him and he had the best life.’

Guests were invited to try the range of different cuts of meat, including topside and silverside, and were also treated to a starter of line-caught sea bream ceviche.

We also welcomed the farmer himself, Ben, who gave everyone an introduction to his farming methods and happy cows. ‘There is much evidence around to show that slow grown and primary grass fed British native cattle are the tastiest,’ he said. And after last night’s feast, we certainly agree!

Handle Bar 39Sarah Halliday