Coffee with a twist at Le Bar


We are very excited to announce that from 9-5 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Le Bar will be providing a coffee drinking experience, showcasing global brewing techniques of artisan single origin coffee from local roasteries.

You won’t find espressos, cappuccinos or flat whites here (although these home comforts will still be available to purchase from the Handle Bar). At Le Bar, you can experience the rich flavours of the beans from pour-over and immersion techniques, including Aeropress, Moccamaster, V60 and syphon machines. 

Meet the machines



The V60 was first produced in 1949 by a Japanese company that specialised in producing and selling chemical-use glass products. Hario Glass uses 100% natural minerals to refine heatproof glass, making it environmentally friendly. The drip coffee maker is named for the 60-degree angle created by the shape of its cone. 


The Aeropress was designed in 2005 by Alan Adler, a serial inventor who rose to prominence in the 1980s after he invented the world record-breaking Aerobie frisbee. Adler wanted to create a piece of machinery that would brew coffee quickly, as the longer you wait, the more bitterness and acidity is drawn from the coffee grounds. The Aeropress has an average brewing time of 5 minutes, producing rich, tasty and complex cups of coffee.



This beautiful device brews coffee using two chambers where vapour pressure and vacuum produce perfectly brewed pots of coffee. In was invented way back in the 1830s in Berlin and combines total immersion brewing with filter brewing, resulting in a full-bodied and very clean cup.


A household name in Scandinavia, the Moccamaster brews a full pot of coffee in 6 minutes at a precise 90-95 degrees. Each brewer is handmade in Holland, where it was originally invented in 1968 by coffee enthusiast cum engineer Gerard C. Smit.

Why not stop by and have a try? Coffee is available from 9-5, Friday to Sunday and we hope to expand these times very soon. We would love to see you there!

Le BarSarah Halliday