Friday night at Le Bar with Nico Jo & Yaya Jojo


Tonight will mark the third DJ set at Le Bar from husband and wife DJ superstars Nico Jo & Yaya Jojo, who will be bringing their impressive collection of vinyl to our space including ska, northern soul, 80’s new wave, indie, electronic and hip hop — to name a few! We thought it about time for a little feature about them on the Handle Blog. 

First on the decks from 7-9 is Nico Jo, aka Nicola, a Geordie lass from Jarrow near Newcastle who started DJ while at University in Manchester in the 90s. She moved to Oxford in 2006 for a job teaching film to teenagers and is now a filmmaker, working for Film Oxford.

Nicola will then pass the baton to Yaya Jojo, aka Yannick, who will see out the night until 11. Yannick’s DJ career began when he used to scratch on decks with hardcore metal bands in his hometown in Paris in the late 90s, in addition of mixing hiphop and drum&bass. He came to Oxford to be an CAD engineer and he now designs dashboards for Landrover.

Photo by Thomas Grimal

Photo by Thomas Grimal

The stars aligned for the two of them at Nicola’s 40th birthday party, where Yannick was invited to help set up the sound system. They soon realised they had a shared passion for many styles of music, had both been in bands and both play guitar and bass, and their romantic and creative partnership was formed. 

Yannick brought his old decks over from France and that kickstarted started their DJ phase once again. Yannick started running DJ workshops at Common Ground in Jericho, which now run every Wednesday from 7-8pm for scratch techniques for beginners and 8-9pm for advanced mixing —after which he carries the decks and mixer on his back down Walton street to the Handle Bar. 

Yaya Jojo also has a regular night at Tap Social — the Halloween special ‘nightmare on scratch street’ is on the 2nd of November — and you can also catch him next week doing the silent disco at the Ashmolean’s Live Friday event on the 26th of October. Nico Jo will be on the decks at Hipshakin’ at James Street Tavern on the 1st December. 

You can see both of them tonight at Le Bar from 7-11, and expect them back soon after.

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